The ultimate option in a permanent surface: Tile flooring

Ceramic and porcelain both date back into ancient times, the former originating in ancient Egypt and the latter in ancient China. If you want to know the longevity of these floors, just spend some time in an archaeological dig. Such longevity means that you can be assured that the floor you have installed will last the lifetime of your home, and maybe longer.

The benefits of permanence

When you install porcelain or ceramic tile in your home, you are truly investing in your home. Most real estate agents will tell you that permanent flooring like tile increases the overall value of your home. Plus, you can rest assured that whatever the future might bring, your flooring will be as firm and beautiful as the day you had it installed.

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Ceramic or porcelain

Porcelain and ceramic tile flooring are two very similar products. Both are very hard and very durable. Both are fired with a glaze that is designed to make it non-porous and scratch-resistant. Both are suitable for any application where a hard tile surface is needed. Porcelain is made from a more finely powdered clay and fired at higher temperatures than ceramic, making it slightly harder and slightly less resistant to water absorption. The real decision is up to you. Which do you like best? That will be the deciding factor.

Not just for floors

Tile flooring is not just for floors. It also works well on walls in areas like bathrooms where you want extra protection from splashing water. They make excellent countertops as they hold up well against heat. They make excellent backsplashes and baseboards as well. If you can conceive of a use for it in your home, this flooring is up to the task.
Tile from Greenfield, WI from Hunts Flooring

Style and design

Even though people often think of porcelain or ceramic tile for kitchens and bathrooms, they also provide an excellent option for main living spaces, formal or otherwise. There are also many options in style and texture. Some are smoother with a very fine sheen but some are made to look more like brick or stone and will provide a warmer mood for your room. Ceramic can also be laid in designs or at a 45-degree angle in your room. Whatever style best suits your needs, tile flooring is up to the task.

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