What to know about WPC and waterproof flooring

What to know about WPC and waterproof flooring

If you need waterproof floors, we understand you need protection from water damage. That's why it's essential to understand everything you can about them as you start to shop.

The core components are critical, ensuring complete protection. Today, we will learn more about WPC, or wood plastic composite cores.

What is WPC?

Wood-plastic composite is a core made of wood byproducts, composites, and other materials. The result is complete waterproof protection that won't swell, ripple, or warp.

This core makeup means you won't have to worry about subfloor imperfects. Instead, the subfloor will be masked by these waterproof flooring options.

The rigid core provides excellent stability, while a wear layer caters to wear resistance. And you'll find a top wear layer that protects you even further.

Visual options are perfect for any decor

As with all luxury vinyl flooring, these products offer impressive visuals. In addition, some products mimic real tile, wood, and natural stone, with beautiful color choices.

The floors look even more realistic with textures and installation layouts. As a result, your guests may never know you're not walking on the real thing.

There are other visuals to choose from, including art decor options. There are so many waterproof floors with looks to cater to any visual you have in mind.

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