Wood-look flooring is versatile

Wood-look flooring is versatile

Gone are the days when wood was a 'no-no' in the bathroom. Today, your options are plentiful if you want the look of hardwood in moisture-prone spaces and areas where practical flooring is best. Engineered wood and wood-look flooring are appropriate for every room in the home. You can find a large selection of both flooring types at Hunts Flooring, a family-owned business in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood differs from solid wood in design, as well as the ability to tolerate moisture. Planks connect so the floor floats above the subfloor, which means that your new floor can be installed over existing hard surface flooring. This man-made floor covering has a surface layer of hardwood and a base composed of plywood layers situated in different directions.

Laminate and luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl and laminate planks and wood-look tile have a base, core, high-tech design, and wear layer. Unlike vinyl plank flooring, laminate flooring is always warm underfoot because the core layer is made of fiberboard. Luxury vinyl flooring that has a wood plastic composite and stone plastic composite core is waterproof. Standard and waterproof laminate brands are available.

Porcelain tile

Clay-based porcelain tile is available in many colors, shapes, and designs, including those that look like wood. Porcelain is a non-porous material. Tiles made with this material have a longer lifespan than other types of tile. While ceramic tile is serviceable in areas with moderate foot traffic, porcelain tile stands up well to heavy foot traffic.

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