What’s the difference between waterproof and water-resistant flooring?

What’s the difference between waterproof and water-resistant flooring?

The most popular flooring materials handle water well. Tile, traditionally found in bathrooms and kitchens, is an enduring favorite. Ceramic tile must be glazed to repel water, while porcelain tile is naturally waterproof. In addition, these clay-based tiles are pretty durable. If you live in the Greenfield, Wisconsin, area, you can find tile and other waterproof flooring options at Hunts Flooring.


It’s easy to note the difference between waterproof and water-resistant flooring by comparing types of laminate. Liquid spills pool on standard laminate, and there is no damage when cleanup is immediate. Spills on waterproof laminate must be removed as soon as possible. Most brands can become damaged if liquid remains on the floor for more than one day.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood tolerates moisture well because of its makeup. This type of floor looks like it is composed of solid wood. In actuality, the hardwood surface tops a base consisting of many layers of plywood situated in different directions. Unlike solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood can be installed over cement slabs. Floating floor installation is the norm.

Luxury vinyl

The best luxury vinyl brands are 100-percent waterproof. Planks and tiles won't peel, buckle, or warp even when covered by standing water. This stain-resistant floor covering is perfect for pet owners since pet accidents do not damage it. Your waterproof floors will likely last 25 years or more if you choose this high-tech material.

Family-owned Hunts Flooring installs all types of water-resistant and waterproof flooring. Every flooring upgrade begins with a free in-home estimate. We have been serving southeastern Wisconsin, including West Allis, Milwaukee, Franklin, and New Berlin, for over 40 years. The experienced installation team at Hunts Flooring excels at installing this worry-free flooring. In addition, our showroom in Greenfield is a one-stop shop for all of your flooring needs.